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Find, track and manage your clients’ grants all-in-one place to maximize your success

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Instrumentl users raise $200K in new grants on average in the first 12 months

With Instrumentl, you can increase your grant output by 1.5x

Save 3 hours per funder per week thanks to built-in workflows

9 out of 10 Instrumentl users say they’ve developed a stronger grant strategy

Help clients form a comprehensive annual grants strategy

Couple our Foundation Discovery and Recipient Profiles features together to create a roadmap for your clients to work on grants year-round. Amaze them with the thoroughness of your grant research. 

With Instrumentl you can build out your clients’ grant calendar and help them invest in long-term relationships, create reporting deadlines for key stakeholders and plan out the calendar for years ahead. Easily stay on top of new deadlines for funders you’ve submitted in the past with our grant tracker. 

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Project tracking

Stay organized by bringing all of your client prospecting & tracking to one place

Let Instrumentl be your personal grant assistant. Once you create projects for your clients, you’ll get a dedicated workspace to manage everything grant-related to each client. Research funders, leave notes, create tasks, and store documents all on Instrumentl.

Get notified weekly of all your upcoming saved grant deadlines, as well as when funders may update a grant deadline or shift priorities, to never miss an opportunity for your clients. 

Get intelligently matched to good-fit funders for every client

Create diverse projects with well-defined search criteria and let Instrumentl continuously search for grant opportunities and funders that match each of your unique clients’ needs. Our customers tell us what takes days and weeks to accomplish with other grant tools is done within hours on Instrumentl.

With over 200,000 funders and 12,500+ active opportunities for nonprofits, we’re the most comprehensive source of funding opportunities for nonprofits.

Once a week, get notified of new opportunities for all your clients in one email. 

Smart grant matching

Our customers often realize 92% in time savings using Instrumentl. Try it today.

Apply to 1.5X more grants by working smarter, not harder.
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Why grant writers & consultants love using Instrumentl on a daily basis

From the Perspective of a Grant Writing Consultant - Instrumentl is the 🔨 in the 🧰
At, we teach people how to be freelance grant writers, and Instrumentl is a must-have tool for the job. We love the design and usability of the site. This sounds strange, but it is peaceful to use, despite looking at and navigating a lot of data!We like how easy it is to set up a search. Love the way 990-form data is presented. Nothing is more painful than looking at those forms manually. There's no going back once you see how Instrumentl presents the data. Plus, we love how the new grants continue to pop up for the project search over time. That's a small sampling of what we like about it.

Meredith Noble

Co-founder Learn Grant Writing

Instrumentl Excels for Grantwriters
I have been prospecting and writing grants professionally for over 25 years. Instrumentl takes the guess work and hours of prospecting out of the application process. It streamlines the search for clients, providing updated information regularly. It is well worth the subscription price. Great people and an excellent product!

Dr. Darla Calvet

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Learning Strategist

Massive Time Saver and Super Smart Grant Management Software
Instrumentl makes finding grants for my clients so much easier than I could ever do on my own for much less time and effort. It's like having the key to ensuring I am knocking on the right door; finding the funders most likely to fund the projects my clients are running.

Adam Miles


I'm a grant writer for a few different nonprofits and I've used FDO, FoundationSearch, GrantStation - Instrumentl is my favorite. Instrumentl is well-designed and easy to use. I can easily organize multiple prospect lists and I love being able to quickly save prospects + store my notes.

Julie Sweitzer

Grant Writer, Professional Grant Writing Services

Instrumentl uses my specific criteria to filter through thousands of grant opportunities to find the best fit for the project. Instrumentl helps organize my workload and keep me focused on deadlines. I appreciate the emails when new grant opportunities become available that meet my project criteria. As a grant professional for more than ten years, I have found Instrumentl to be one of the best tools to use for research and grant tracking. Additionally, a membership gets you free workshops covering a variety of topics.

Deidre Burke

Director, Grant Development

Gamechanger for nonprofit fundraising
As a development consultant, I am bombarded with solutions that don't live up to their claims. I was highly skeptical of Instrumentl, but reluctantly tried it since one of my clients asked me to take a look. I was immediately hooked! It is an elegant, simple user interface and most importantly it really works to easily surface not only the usual grant opportunities that one would find with other products out there, but it also unearths unique and new opportunities that other products miss. I rarely recommend products to my clients, but this is an exception. Highly recommend.

Candice Gayl

Fundraising and Operations Consultant

I recommend Instrumentl all the time because Instrumentl proactively finds grants that you should be pursuing. This saves me time and my clients $$. The best part: Instrumentl has recommended funders not on my radar AND some have resulted in new funding opportunities!

Cheryl Einsele

CEO, Candela Content


How do grant writers typically use Instrumentl?
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Grant writers typically set up separate projects for each client they are working for. Sometimes for larger clients, there may be multiple initiatives. In that case, grant writers will create different projects for each key initiative.

For example, you may be consulting for an afterschool program that has both a literacy program and a math program. In this situation, you would create one project for the literacy program and another for the math program. By keeping these separate, it allows you to customize your searches for both respective programs. 

Can Instrumentl be used by consultants serving multiple clients?
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Absolutely! These customers of ours will typically create different projects for each client.

Sometimes, we also see consultants who set up Instrumentl accounts for the organization, and then pass off the account to the client after their consulting engagement has concluded. It’s really up to you but Instrumentl is flexible to the different needs of consultants serving multiple clients.

Do you have plans that support consultants with more than twenty clients?
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Yes! When you create your 14-day free account, you’ll have a call with an Onboarding Advisor who can learn more about your unique use case and see what custom plan may work for you.

Or, you can feel free to contact us at in the case where you already have an account. 

Do consultants typically pay for their own Instrumentl account or is it paid for by their clients?
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It depends on the consultant! Some consultants pay for their own Instrumentl account.

Others will set up separate Instrumentl accounts for their clients with their clients’ billing on file, so that when the consulting engagement has concluded, the client owns the account.

Is it possible to split billing within your Instrumentl account for different clients?
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No, this is not possible. Each Instrumentl account only supports having one credit card on file for billing purposes.

How is Instrumentl different from other grant tools?
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We’re glad you asked! Instrumentl differentiates itself by bringing grant prospecting, tracking and management to one easy-to-use place. Most alternatives will only cover one of these three aspects.

Our team has created some helpful deep-dives comparing Instrumentl to common tools here:

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